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With Christmas less than 2 weeks away now is the time to place your order for your Christmas goodies. Head to our shop to find our exclusive Christmas box only available until Thursday 15th December so don’t miss out!

Hello, its been a while…

Last time we spoke I was telling you of the update of the website to have a shop section so you can order Betty’s Bakes goods to be delivered across the UK. Order yours from the shop now. This has been going well and thank you for all your support so far. I wanted to […]

We have more news…

Betty’s Bakes website has had an upgrade (which we are possibly still figuring out, sorry if things are not 100% for the next few days). What does that mean though? You can now order your baked goods via our website in the shop section. At the moment it we have a limited menu on the […]

Betty’s Bakes is now on Etsy!!

As you might know I have been selling cakes in my local area for a few months but in the last few weeks I have been figuring out how I could expand the reach of my cakes. So i am now selling brownies and cookies on Etsy for delivery across the UK. Buy yours via […]

Gluten-free Halloween cupcakes!

This year is flying by so quickly, I can’t believe that it is nearly Halloween. I wanted to create some fun but not too scary as I find lots of halloween bakes are just too scary so this super simple take on spiders web/pumpkin cupcakes is just that a bit of fun. Halloween is coming […]

Apple Crumble Cupcakes

Apple crumble has always been something my mums made for everyone who has ever had dinner at our house. We are lucky enough to have a lovely apple tree in our garden. And it was when we were picking some apples this week that I decided that I obviously had to try making Apple Crumble […]


Here at Betty’s Bakes we love sharing recipes for different bakes but we also love providing different baked goods for people to enjoy. So we are setting up shop and opening up to take orders for baked goods. You can view the menu of baked goods that are available to order here. There is a […]

Lemon Curd Filled Cupcakes

Any lemon flavoured baked good is a strong favourite of mine! As of yet, I haven’t found a good gluten-free lemon cupcake or cake which is disappointing. So I took matters into my own hands and have been trialling different ways to make lemon cakes. This recipe is the perfect balance between being a good […]

Triple Chocolate Cookies

These TRIPLE Chocolate Cookies are perfect for ALL chocolate lovers! These cookies are ones that I have frozen for a couple of hours and then baked for about 20 minutes until they were crunchy on the outside but still slightly gooey in the middle! But everyone likes cookies differently, some people prefer their cookies to […]

Gluten-free Cupcakes

Jump to recipe below. It is so hard to find good gluten-free cupcakes so I obviously have had to play around with my cupcake recipe. When I have tried gluten-free cupcakes they were yet to be the same as ‘normal’ cupcakes. I have tried quite a few gluten-free cupcakes and have tested a few different […]

Biscoff Cupcakes

Who doesn’t love anything biscoff? Jump to recipe below. Unfortunately I am yet to be able to make biscoff cupcakes or even a biscoff cake gluten-free, that being said I enjoy making biscoff cupcakes and have found a recipe that ALWAYS gets compliments. I always am being asked to make biscoff cupcakes for almost everyone […]

Lemon Mousse

When life gives you lemons, make lemon mousse. Jump to recipe below. Lemon is a flavour that I adore and lemon bakes are ones that are super easy to do. A lemon mousse is not always easy to get right but when the flavour balance right it certainly does taste very good. This 3 ingredient […]

My 22nd Birthday Cake

Jump to Recipe below. For my birthday cake this year I wanted to do something different, something that would stand out. So I looked through a lot of recipes online, and I found a recipe on Jane Patisserie’s called Sprinkle Celebration Cake. You can find the recipe on Jane Patisserie’s site here. I usually stick […]

Bakewell Blondies

Jump to recipe Unlike a traditional Bakewell tart, this Bakewell Blondie melts in your mouth. The flaked almonds on the top of this Bakewell Blondie give it an all important crunch whilst still melting in your mouth. These Bakewell blondies are a spin-off of the classic Bakewell tart. As there is no pastry involved in […]

Lemon Drizzle Cake – Gluten Free

A timeless classic…. Jump to recipe below. Lemon drizzle cake is one of those cakes that is always a good idea. Personally I think that lemon might be my favourite flavour!! That is a big statement but lemon is a flavour that is simply amazing on its own. This recipe has a lot of flavour […]

Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free Salted Caramel Cheesecake

Who doesn’t love anything salted caramel?? If you are like me & love it then this cheesecake is for you… Jump to recipe below Good vegan caramel is hard to find and come by. Me being me, I had to try and make it. The reality of making diary-free caramel was not very glamorous and […]

Gluten-free Cookies

Cookies are for sure one of those bakes that everyone always loves and are so very easy to make. Jump to Recipe below. But… gluten-free cookies often do not taste quite right. In fact most gluten-free bakes seem to have a dry texture to them. So over the last year or so I have experimented […]

My First Post…

Hi and welcome to Betty’s Bakes.  You join me on this new adventure that I am about to go on. For as long as I can remember I have loved baking, everything about it. I love the ‘boring’ standing waiting for something to do its thing all the way to decorating and serving up my bakes…but […]

Hi, its been a while…

ITs been a little while since i have written a blog post, but i am back and ready to take on the year 2022 (Happy New Year, btw)!! This year, i want to share more than before recipes and baking ideas with you all. This is going to challenge me as LIFE gets in the […]