Betty’s Bakes website has had an upgrade (which we are possibly still figuring out, sorry if things are not 100% for the next few days). What does that mean though?

You can now order your baked goods via our website in the shop section.

At the moment it we have a limited menu on the site but we will be updating it very soon.

This does not mean we are not selling on Etsy anymore. We will still be selling on Etsy but would rather if you could complete your order on our own website, in full transparency it saves a lot of the processing fees Etsy charges its sellers.


We have a very limited amount of Mini Egg NYC style Cookies to order, so get your order in for those in the next few days before they sell out!!

Thank you for all your support so far, we can’t wait to take Betty’s Bakes to the next level!

If you need to contact us about an order then please do so using the form or email

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