Last time we spoke I was telling you of the update of the website to have a shop section so you can order Betty’s Bakes goods to be delivered across the UK. Order yours from the shop now.

This has been going well and thank you for all your support so far. I wanted to write and let you know that the shop section of the website is as finalised as it will be for now. Over time you might notice new products on the website and some being taken down if they are not strong favourites.

One particular new product that is on the shop now is our gluten-free millionaire shortbread. With a homemade caramel inside that is one of the best caramels about, this millionaire shortbread has everything, biscuit, caramel and chocolate. What more can you ask for?! So shop for your millionaire shortbread here!

Alternatively contact us via this form to discuss your next order: